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Empowering organizations and employees through evidence-based, and innovative organizational behavior strategies. 

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Welcome to Mindcarter

Mindcarter is a consultancy established in 2005 and officially registered as a private limited company in 2015. Our expertise lies in evidence-based interventions rooted in organizational behavior, catering to the needs of businesses in today's dynamic landscape.
At the helm of mindcarter is Amar Rajan, a seasoned organizational psychologist and a Cambridge-trained expert in psychometrics. Our comprehensive suite of services spans highly sought-after psychometric assessments, result-driven coaching, and cutting-edge management development programs. These services are strategically designed to optimize organizational performance, drive employee development, and fuel overall growth.

Supported by a panel of distinguished advisors and bolstered by a track record of outstanding results, mindcarter shines as a trusted leader in the field. We are dedicated to propelling our clients to success through evidence-based strategies and a profound understanding of organizational psychology. 

Why Choose Mindcarter?

Mindcarter stands out as a premier authority in organizational behavior, offering evidence-based solutions that drive results. Our commitment to academic rigor and the seamless integration of published research into our services sets us apart. With a team of global experts and revered industry practitioners, we remain at the forefront of the latest trends. Our specialized offerings encompass internationally recognized psychometric assessments, comprehensive training, tailor-made developmental initiatives, and impactful coaching programs.  At Mindcarter, our solutions are not only deeply rooted in research but also informed by a profound understanding of psychology. We consistently deliver practical, long-lasting solutions that enhance organizational effectiveness and nurture employee satisfaction. Choose Mindcarter for excellence in psychometric assessments, coaching, and management development programs.

Our Programs

Uncover untapped potential within your workforce through our cutting-edge psychometric assessments.

Empower your team to excel with our transformative coaching programs.

Behavioural interview

Equip your leadership with the skills and knowledge they need to drive organizational success.

Who Are Our Collaborators?

At Mindcarter, we foster dynamic partnerships with a wide spectrum of organizations. Whether you're a government agency in search of data-driven insights, a multinational corporation striving to elevate your workforce's capabilities, or an innovative startup carving out new market territories, Mindcarter's well-established expertise is your strategic advantage. Our track record is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Clients

We partner and serve the best people in the industry with best in class services.


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