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Psychometric Services

We use psychometric assessments to improve both employee and organizational development. Our aim is to help individuals and organizations gain congruent self-perception through our assessments. mindcarter collaborates with OD Tools, a renowned organizational development company based in Berlin, Germany, to fulfil all our psychometric requirements


Psychometric assessment

Our psychometric assessments are your compass on the journey of self-discovery and growth.

Trait-Map® Personality Assessment

It’s a multi-scale personality test with a one-of-a-kind forced-choice questionnaire that takes only 15 minutes to complete and results in a full profile based on 25 key traits. A unique use of combinatorial optimization was used to attain the excellent speed and accuracy. Trait-Map® assesses 25 qualities across the “Big Five’s” five dimensions and provides a wide range of findings, including development reports, training reports, group reports, job-fit analysis, interview guide, and more.


The EQ-SWOT is a work-oriented psychometric tool that measures emotional intelligence. It has two robust validity scales and measures 16 EI skills using the “Mixed Model of EI” approach. It assesses 16 emotional intelligence skills and is based on Goleman’s four-quadrant Emotional Intelligence Competency Model. The study employs advanced algorithms to highlight major strengths and problems, as well as offer suggestions for development.

Interest-Map™ Questionnaire

Based on Holland’s RIASEC theory, this is an advanced forced-choice occupational interest test. Occupational interest test is a category that includes a variety of tests. Recruiters, headhunters, trainers, coaches, HR, and OD experts are among the users.In comparison to previous RIASEC instruments on the market, Interest-Map was created as a speedier and more up-to-date interest profiler.


Team-SWOT was created to function in a wide range of teams, including project teams, departments, management teams, and executive teams, and it is focused on the “universal” behaviour and group dynamics of teams that indicate team development and maturity. 

Remote Team Development Survey

If team members cannot constantly meet face-to-face, we refer to them as “remote” or “virtual,” and digital interactive technologies play an essential part in their communication. The Remote Team Development Survey (RTDS) examines the particular issues that remote teams face (for example a partly or fully remote workforce of a department, a sales or customer service team, a project or engineering team, etc). It is appropriate for all types of remote work setups (fully remote, office-first, or remote-first hybrid models). RTDS is designed for teams that have a designated “Team Leader” (manager, project manager) who is responsible for the team’s overall success. RTDS allows clients to assess the major success aspects of team performance in their team or organisation, identifying areas of strength and weakness in the team’s and Team Leader’s behavioural results, and identifying areas for growth. RTDS is mobile-friendly, meaning it can be used on any device.

OD-Map® Organizational Effectiveness Survey

OD-Map® is a sophisticated organisational diagnostics/employee engagement survey that assesses the intangible aspects of organisational performance and aids in the planning and implementation of interventions. OD-Map’s analytics highlight exactly what your company needs to accomplish to advance to the next level.

Innovative 360 Assessments

Consultants, coaches, and HR professionals who wish to construct and manage their own 360 assessments can benefit from the 360 engine. They may fully design competences and quizzes with the system, providing them the ability to
personalise 360s to their own needs. It only takes a few clicks to create a customised survey and upload a customised content Excel file. Importing participant lists, tracking progress, and printing a group report in Excel format all help to streamline the 360 administration process.

Health meets Work™

The Health Meets Work survey is an anonymous questionnaire with 86 questions. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and may be done on mobile phones, tablets, or laptop/desktop computers with Internet connectivity.
The value of Health Meets Work is found in its highly practical, intuitive reports as well as its extensive organizational modelling and analytic functions.

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